How to Upload Videos for Instagram Reels?

How to Upload Videos for Instagram Reels?

How to Upload Videos for Instagram Reels?

What is Instagram Reel? Instagram Reel is a feature on Instagram that allows you to upload videos up to 90 seconds long. Let’s find out more about Instagram Reels and tips for uploading videos on Instagram Reels.

What is Instagram Reel and how is it different from Instagram Stories?

So as explained above, Instagram has a feature that allows you to upload videos, images, or a combination of both, with a duration of up to 90 seconds.

You can even directly record videos using Reels, edit multi-clip videos, add filters, effects, and background music, and broadcast them at the same time.

The difference between Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories lies in the fact that the story content has a more personal impression and can only be seen by followers. Meanwhile, Reels are public videos which means that non-followers can also see the videos you upload.

Well, it is believed that Reel videos can attract new followers, as long as you make the video interesting, and unique, and use trending background music.

How to Upload Videos for Instagram Reels?

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How to Upload Videos for Instagram Reels?

Use the video format according to the provisions

To upload videos to Instagram Reels, make sure you use the video format according to Instagram guidelines. So, videos for Instagram Reels must be in MP4 video format with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and an aspect ratio of 9:16.

Next, you also have to make the video file size no more than 30 MB to ensure the video can be uploaded perfectly.

Pay attention to the length of the video

Even though Instagram Reels allows you to upload videos with a maximum duration of 90 seconds, you only have approximately 15 seconds to attract your audience’s attention.

Even better, starting from the first 3 seconds, make sure the content of your video arouses curiosity and makes your audience want to continue watching your video.

You can also cut your video into several parts or remove parts that are less interesting during the video editing process.

Attractive Effects Can Invite the Audience

Attractive background music and effects can invite the audience to watch. Use trending background music and interesting effects so that more audiences want to watch your Reel videos,

Moreover, from music that is currently trending or from effects that are widely used by other users, audiences can find your videos.

Maximize the use of video editing features

Instagram Reels has a video editing feature available that can help you make videos more unique and interesting.

Maximize the use of this Instagram video editing feature before uploading your video, but remember, don’t overdo it either.

Use Informative and intriguing caption

Captions or descriptions in videos are also very important to attract the attention of Instagram users. So, create a caption that is informative and makes you curious so that your audience wants to watch your video.

Get Creative with Other Reel Features

Choose and Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags can help your videos be found by other Instagram users who are looking for certain content.

So, take advantage of using hashtags that are relevant to the content of the video and that are widely used by other users. But remember, you don’t need too much, let alone spamming hashtags. Just use 4-6 hashtags.

Upload Videos Regularly and Get Creative with Other Reels Features

Uploading videos regularly can help encourage engagement. It’s even better if you create a content calendar with consistent posting times.

Apart from that, get creative in creating authentic and unique content using the various features available in Reels, such as slow motion, align, and so on.

Apart from applying the above tips for uploading videos to Instagram Reels, those of you who use social media for promotion and marketing and want to know how to use creative ways to use Instagram stories for marketing – Check here: 5 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Marketing.

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