Web Design Terms You Should Know

Web Design Terms You Should Know

Web Design Terms You Should Know

Web design expertise has been developing greatly in recent years and is among the most preferred professions in the software industry. People who want to advance their careers in the software field need to receive comprehensive training from basic to advanced levels. Firstly, you need to understand the terms professionally, regarding web design and development. Here are some Web Design Terms you should know and can be useful in your web designing journey.

Remember that; Websites have become a necessity rather than a luxury not only in IT but also in all sectors, and the need for qualified employees in this field is increasing day by day. At the same time, the interest and need for internet technologies have increased in parallel with the pandemic. Many web designers continue to work remotely instead of in the office, especially after the pandemic.

Web Design Terms you should know

➢ Web

➢ Web Design?

➢ Programming

➢ Website components
-Content and Structure (HTML)
-Presentation (CSS)
-Interaction (Javascript and backend interaction)

➢ Editor / IDE
– VSCode
– WebStorm

➢ GO

  • Github
    -Alternatives (GitLab, BitBucket etc.)
    -Basic Commands
     Init  Add  Commit  Push  Pull
     Clone  Branch  Merge  Ignore file  Github Interface

 Skeleton tags (html, head, body)
 Meta tags
 Title and post tags
 Link tag
 Image tag
 Listing tags
 Media tags
 Form labels
 Div tag
 HTML5 Innovations (header, section, article, footer…)
 Inline, Internal, External CSS
 Background styles
 Font styles
 Display styles
 Position styles
 Frames and shadows
 Gaps
 Flex
– Flex-direction
– Flex-wrap
– Align-items
– Flex-basis flex-grow flex-shrink
 Grid
-Determine rows and columns
-Element positioning
-Grid-area grid-order
 Responsive Design
 Bootstrap

➢ Interface Design Tools
 Figma
 Adobe XD  Sketch

-How do search engine algorithms work?
– Content and target audience analysis

➢ Javascript
-Basic Javascript Syntax
-Variables and Data Types
-Operators and Decision Structures
-Loops and Arrays
-Objects and Classes
-Javascript Frameworks

-DOM Tree
-Selecting DOM Elements
-CSS Selectors
-DOM Manipulation
-Events and Event Listeners
-Forms and Form Elements
-Animations and Transitions

➢ Javascript Libraries and Skeletons
-SSR (Server-side rendering) – CSR (Client-side rendering)
-React – NextJs
-Angular – Angular Universal
-Vue – Nuxt.js

➢ React
-Installation (node, npm, npx)
-File structure

-What is JSX?
-React Components
-Props and State
-React Hooks (useState, useEffect, useContext etc.)
-React Router
-React Forms and Validation
-Data Extraction with Axios and Fetch
-React Context API
-Redux (Basic Concepts and How to Use?)

➢ Website Publishing
Web Hosting and Domain
-Server Structures
-Github Actions

Who will find this information useful?
 People who want to work in the computer and software industry
 People working in graphic design and web design
 All individuals interested in this field
 Anyone who wants to understand web design technologies.