5 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Marketing

5 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Marketing

5 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Marketing

How do Instagram stories work?

Instagram stories are vertical full-screen photos and videos that usually are not visible or disappear after 24 hours. They appear at the top of the Instagram application. It is a very interactive medium, as you can use stickers, Q&A, and Instagram story filters. The goal is to make your content more unique, engaging, and creative.

So, how do you use Instagram stories for marketing or e-marketing? Check out the method in the review in this article.

5 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Marketing

5 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Marketing

Create Behind The Scenes Content About the Production Process

You can create video content that contains a series of product manufacturing processes, from selecting materials to delivery. Meanwhile, if your business operates in the service sector, then the content can be about the activities of the people in the business.

Don’t forget, that content must be communicative so that it can build good relationships with the audience and increase engagement.

Introducing new products that inspire or stir feelings

Instagram Stories can also act as the right medium for conveying stories. So, use storytelling and tell stories about things that inspire, motivate, or arouse feelings.

This type of story usually attracts attention more quickly and invites the audience to interact in the form of likes, comments, and even shares.

Information about product specifications

Instagram stories can also be used to explain specifications or how to use a product. Moreover, the form can be a combination of video and images.

So, all you have to do is create Instagram stories content material that is as creative as possible to convey information about the product you want to promote. Make sure your explanation is detailed, clear, easy to understand, and not complicated.

Apart from that, if there are promotions, discounts on purchases, or launching new products, you can also use Instagram stories to notify potential customers. Don’t forget, to insert a Call To Action button to go to the product landing page.

Create interactive content such as quizzes or polls

Content in the form of quizzes or polls is quite often used by business account owners because they are able to attract more attention. At the same time, poll or quiz stickers also encourage other Instagram users to interact.

You can take advantage of the features available in Instagram stories to create various interactive content that can encourage your audience to provide feedback, input, or simply discuss the product you are promoting.

To make it even more interesting, you can share the audience’s answers on Instagram stories and provide a few funny comments. In this way, there will be more people interested in participating.

Collaboration with Prizes to Create Stories about Business Products or Services

You can also use Instagram stories to create a giveaway. To make it even more interesting, try collaborating with brands or influencers. This method can also build audience trust in the business you are promoting.

Creating collaborative content can also reach a wider audience, increase the number of followers, and ensure that you get more participants to take part in the giveaway that you are holding.

To create creative Instagram story content, you can look for various ideas from many platforms. This is the best way to ensure that your content on Instagram is not monotonous and boring. Apart from using Instagram stories, you can also use Instagram Reels. Check here to know- How to Upload Videos for Instagram Reels.

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